Pink Blazer

Pink blazers have crisp lines and can feature wide or thin lapels. The color offers a refreshing twist on a classic style. Some blazers look more inspired by the military and have higher collars. Single-button closure allows a more outstanding display of what's underneath, be it a fun top or accessory. Double-button closure is the most common. → READ MORE

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A blazer is one of the most versatile wardrobe items. Its sharp tailoring is easy to dress up or down. Wear a blazer with jeans and flats or low boots for a day-to-night look. Pair it with heels and trousers for fancier occasions. Not only are blazers great for many different occasions, they are also suitable year-round. Lighter colors and fabric weights such as linen or cotton are ideal in spring and summer. Darker colors and heavier fabrics like wool or tweed are a better choice for fall and winter. Seasonal colors aren’t just limited to neutrals, either.

Pink in particular can be quite versatile. Choose pale peachy, coral, or pastel pinks for warmer months. Deep pinks like magenta are fall- and winter-appropriate. Pink blazers go well with navy, gray, or white shirts and pants. This allows the blazer to take center stage for a pop of color. Create a statement by going pink on pink. Pink is such a happy color that it’s natural to go all-out with your accessories. Use chunky necklaces and earrings in similar tones. A subtler look is rose gold because it gleams within the same color range without being too bright. No matter what style of blazer you choose, it will always get a lot of use.