Adriana Barrera

Adriana Barrera

After a life-changing trip to Europe, Adriana got impressed by the  Sophistication of some European Fashion houses. After 20 plus years in the medical field, Adriana was not happy with her career and took an impulsive trip to clear her mind and begin a new chapter in her entrepreneurial life.

While visiting Madrid, Spain, she stumbled upon a fashion brand that immediately made her fall in love with the fashion industry. She loved most of all the empowerment she felt when putting on the garments and how much her confidence changed from wearing them just for one time.

Before long, she used her ambitious nature to her advantage and met and wowed the designers behind, and before long, the company had its first retail store in the heart of Fashion Island in Newport Beach. A high-end boutique dedicated exclusively to empower women by making them feel confident and assertive.

Today Adriana is the My Glamorista owner, an online marketplace distributing fashion goods from Europe into the US, Canada, and Mexico markets.  The idea remains the same, promoting the exclusivity of the European brands and the empowerment she felt when she first tried on the blazers.

The brand is only growing, and Adriana has many plans for expanding beyond and becoming one of the first Latin-owned high-end fashion brands to sell worldwide.