nieves alvarez, top model, wearing constanza blazer by the extreme collection
Nieves Alvarez, top model, wearing Constanza Blazer by The Extreme Collection


The elegance of empowering women through a well-fitted blazer or knit.

A Master Taylor of sophistication for those looking to stand out.


The European approach to the Japanese Kimono.

AVASAN is a luxury Spanish brand committed to sustainability. It combines the joyful spirit of Spain with Japan’s sophisticated and urban-chic style. The garments by AVASAN evoke respect and harmony between different civilizations. There is an obsessive attention to detail and endless inspiration by art. Pre-order yours now!

Kimono Hand painted in shades of turquoise, jades, gold and blacks by Araceli García with silk paints on cotton and sprinkled with wool threads courtesy of “La Real Fábrica de Tapices” in Madrid.


A Brazilian-inspired beachwear.

Tartaruga is a premium Beachwear & Lifestyle label designed in Spain and made across the world. Let yourself be driven by the power of vibrant colors, light, beauty, and uniqueness.

sweet matitos
Jvdas Berra photography extols all the beauty of this fabulous Resort Collection.


A renovated retrospective image of fashion.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Sweet Matito’s new Resort Collection is full of glamor, romanticism, color, and shine. Each of the pieces is a MUST HAVE.


The playful art of elegance in a handbag.

Born in Sicily in 2012, the brand finds inspiration from the French word Jadis, which means “once upon a time.” We all need one of these bags in our wardrobe.

arm yourself


Empowering women through Fashion

Arm yourself products are handmade in Europe and specifically curated to distinguish you from the crowd, A fashion to help augment your image, boost your confidence, and enhance your self-esteem.

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